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A new way to Say something :

Original Wild Luwak Coffee Souvenir Only 55 $ FOB Jakarta

Package :

Coffee Plunger

5 Sachet Wild Luwak Coffee

2 Exclusive cups

Saeco Royal Cappuccino

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Mesin fully automatic yang paling tenar dari pabrikan Saeco.

Soal kualitas dan ketangguhannya sudah tidak diragukan lagi.
Mesin ini memiliki dua buah boiler, memungkinkan kita membuat foam cappuccino selagi kita menyeduh kopi.
Memiliki display, mesin ini dilengkapi dengan fungsi counter dan berbagai fungsi programming yang sangat lengkap.

Made in Italy.

Feature :
Adjustable Grinding Quantity (with dozing system, to ensure the constant coffee qty.)
Adjustable Grinding Size.
Able to use Powder Input.
Programmable Coffee’s Water Qty.
Equipped with display, Counter for each menu, also Life time Counter.
Programmable Pre-Infusion function.
Programmable Pre-Grinding function.
Programmable Water and Steam Temperature.
Programmable Hot Water Qty.
Programmable Pre-Grinding function.
Great Safety system to ensure the ease of use.
Hot water outlet (for tea water).
Steam Outlet (for heating beverages).
Equipped with Cappuccio Device (to make Cappuccino Foam).
Double Boiler : Able to produce cappuccino foam/steam while brewing your coffee.
Coffee Boiler Power : 1200 Watt.
Steam Boiler Power : 1100 Watt.
Pump : 16 bar.
Standby time : less than 3 minutes since first power on.
Production time : less than a minute for one full cup of coffee.
Gross Weight : 18 kg.

Coffee Belt

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Where coffee is grown

Growing regions typically offer moderate sunshine and rain, steady temperatures around 70°F (20°C),and rich, porous soil. In return, the delicate coffee tree yields beans that are an economic mainstay for dozens of countries and about 25 million people. Among the natural commodities, coffee has a monetary value surpassed only by oil.

Taste the difference accompany your bussiness at anytime by drinking the Luwak Coffee

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Order now at +62 21 96216866

taste the different accompany your business at any time
for Khatulistiwa club friends only 38 $ for ( a pack/ 5 sachets)  (valid until 30 October 2013)


Drip Coffee Maker

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whether manual pour-overs or sleek, automatic electric models, continue to be among the most popular and convenient brewers. The easiest one to use, this type has been the most popular coffee brewer machine these days.


Coffee Press

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Coffee Press

We recommend the coffee press method to brew coffee. It is popular among lovers of fine coffees: hot water is simply poured over coarse-ground coffee and allowed to steep for minutes. A stainless steel mesh filter is then pushed down the bottom, neatly separating coffee from the grounds. This brew produces natural flavor and aroma of the coffee.




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Altitude: 700-1100 m  dpl

Geography position : Lampung, Sumatra

Plantation status:  Community owned land

Plantation Areal :  100 ha

Production per year :  160 ton

Varieties: Tugu Sari

Price Grade 3 :   USD 2,300 / Ton

Contact Us at :


The Price of Green Beans Coffee producing from some part of Indonesia

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The Price today of the Green Beans Coffee from Gayo Aceh, Mandailing, Sidikalang, Lintong, Lampung, Java, Toraja, Kintamani Bali. Conventional Product-green beans coffee 8 Des 2012


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Coffee Arabika Green Beans:

Origin: BALI, Indonesia

Grade 1

Price for order
USD 3,960/Ton
less than 500 kg : Rp 63 ribu/ Kg
FOB Jakarta
ready  on stock                         

Lintong and Mandailing Arabika Coffee

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Sumatra Lintong and Mandheling. This praise applies mainly to the finest of the traditional arabica coffees of northern Sumatra, the best of those sold under the market names Lintong and Mandheling. Lintong properly describes only coffees grown in a relatively small region just southwest of Lake Toba in the kecamatan or district of Lintongnihuta. Small plots of coffee are scattered over a high, un

dulating plateau of fern-covered clay. The coffee is grown without shade, but also without chemicals of any kind, and almost entirely by small holders. Mandheling is a more comprehensive designation, referring both to Lintong coffees and to coffees grown under similar conditions in the regency of Diari, north of Lake Toba. 

Sellers often label Lintong and Mandheling coffees dry-processed. In fact, the fruit usually is removed from the bean by a variety of hybrid methods. The most prevalent is a backyard version of the wet method. The farmers remove the skins from their little crops of coffee cherries immediately after picking using rickety pulping machines ingeniously constructed from scrap metal and wood and bicycle parts. The skinned, slimy beans are then allowed to ferment overnight in woven plastic bags. In the morning the fruit pulp or mucilage, loosened by the overnight fermentation, is washed off the beans by hand. The coffee (now in its parchment skin) is given a preliminary drying on sheets in the farmer’s front yard. The parchment skin is then removed by machine at a middleman’s warehouse and the coffee is further dried. Finally, the coffee is trucked down to the port city of Medan, where it is dried a third and last time.

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